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“Meanwhile, largely ignored by both, thought mostly incomprehensible, are the adherents of a different metaphysical dream, one in which the world is charged with the grandeur of God, where nothing is small because everything carries a deep, even divine weight, and our freedom operates best in reverence, piety, and love. Those who value the empire of dust, of soil, of country.”

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“The essential mark of holiness is a lifestyle of justice.”

—   Christopher Marshall in Justice as a Basic Human Need, ed. Anthony Taylor

“However Zappos sorts out these details, Hsieh says he’s confident that the more control he gives up, the better off his baby will be: “How do we restructure Zappos so it functions more like a city and less like a bureaucratic organization as we add more employees? By distributing more authority, more control, it may seem counter-intuitive, but you actually increase the productivity and innovation of the organization.””

“There is one thing more, Lord, just one thing, but it is the most difficult of all, and, what is more, it is a thing that you, perhaps, have condemned. It is this: if I am to have a share in your kingdom, I must on no account reject this radiant world in the ecstatic delight of which I opened my eyes.”

—   a prayer, Teilhard de Chardin,

“Unending punishment is pointless in a theory of justice. It is crude retribution.”

“The truth is that the battle for justice won’t be won when white men finally join the fight. The battle was already won on the cross. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. It’s here. It’s happening. It’s already been set in motion. We’re inevitably moving toward a world that reflects the prophetic reality of the resurrection. Justice will be done. All things will be made new. And Jesus graciously invites all of us to partner with him in that movement. We all can play a crucial role. But let’s never forget that Jesus is the secret weapon. Jesus has already determined the outcome of this battle and he will use whoever is willing to accomplish his plan. The Kingdom of God is at hand, whether white men participate or not.”

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