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“And when facts no longer matter, when there is no shared history grounded in the truth, when people foolishly believe their own lies, there can be no useful exchange of information. The Big Lie, used like a bludgeon by Israel, as perhaps it is designed to be, ultimately reduces all problems in the world to the brutish language of violence. And when oppressed people are addressed only through violence they will answer only through violence.”

Researchers have found that the various facets of the introversion-extraversion domain can be boiled down to two related but separate aspects: enthusiasm and assertiveness.

Enthusiasm encompasses traits like sociability, friendliness, self-disclosure, gregariousness, and positive emotionality. Enthusiasm is primarily about social affiliation, but goes beyond sociability to include positive emotions, more generally, like joy, exuberance, and excitement [6]. Assertiveness encompasses traits like leadership, dominance, provocativeness, activity, talkativeness, and persuasiveness. Assertiveness is more about social status than social affiliation.

“there is a lot of philanthropic wealth, much of it derived from rural areas, that flows through national foundations barely touching rural America.”

“Making coffee by hand is inconvenient, and it is valuable precisely because it is inconvenient. It slows me down. It is, in essence, a ritual—a ritual of embodiedness, you might say. It reminds me, first thing in the morning, before I have a chance to work my will on the world or attempt to, that I can’t and shouldn’t simply work my will on the world.”

“My will would appear to me to operate effortlessly upon the world, thanks to the expensive intermediation of a global corporation and some underpaid workers in Asia.”

“Technology and consumer culture promise autonomy by removing the barriers between the will and the world, or at least by pretending to. But to think that one’s will ought to operate directly on the world without interference is narcissism.”

“Refrigerators fall squarely into the category of things that should shut up and let me do the thinking”

“in a whimsical sense, marketers are the high priests of our societies – standing between people and that which they regard as needed and valued. But priests to which god? We are either high priests of Mammon – or a priesthood of believers in the Messiah. There’s no third alternative.”

—   Tim Dearborn, “A Field Guide to the Spirituality of Marketing,” World Vision

“The two insidious forms of poverty are overcome – the poverty of being resource-less and the poverty of being relation-less.Those who are rich in community but starving for commodities are connected with those rich in commodities but starving for community.”

—   Tim Dearborn, “A Field Guide to the Spirituality of Marketing,” World Vision

A message to the soldiers in the Ukraine, the politicians, the media, our friends and family.

Our pain is intense and relentless. We live in a hell beyond hell.

Our babies are not here with us — we need to live with this act of horror, every day and every moment for the rest of our lives.

No one deserves what we are going through.

Not even the people who shot our whole family out of the sky.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for our children, for Mo, for Evie, for Otis.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for Grandad Nick.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other.

This is a revelation that gives us some comfort.

We would ask everyone to remember this when you are making any decisions that affect us and the other victims of this horror.

So far, every moment since we arrived home, we’ve been surrounded by family and friends. We desperately pray that this continues, because this expression of love is what is keeping us alive. We want to continue to know about your lives, all the good and all the bad. We no longer have lives that we want to live by ourselves. So we’d like to take the chance to thank everyone, all our incredible friends, family and communities, and to tell you all that we love you very much.

We would also like to thank the people at DFAT; the local co-ordinator Claire and most sincerely, Diana and Adrian from The Hague, without whom we would not be here. We ask the media to respect the privacy of our family and friends — pain is not a story.

Yours truly

Anthony Maslin & Marite Norris