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“Empowerment is not the same as self-help: it involves a process of critical consciousness as a route to autonomous action, but it is not an alternative to the redistribution of unequally divided resources. Handing responsibility over to poor communities to ‘develop themselves’ is to provide a smokescreen for the forces of structural inequality by ignoring unequal wealth and power distribution, as well as to ignore heterogeneity and inequity within communities.”

—   Margaret Ledwith, Community Development: A critical approach, 29

“n other words, the characters are in hell because they are trivial, pretentious people. This is Sartre’s satiric point: they are in hell because they are petty-bourgeois. Their concern for the world goes only as far as the extent to which the world services their needs. When it doesn’t adequately cater to their desires, they blame the world and the people in it – that is, they say that “hell is other people.” Au contraire, the people in No Exit are in hell because they themselves made the decisions that put them there.”

The most glaring inconsistency between Hobby Lobby’s ethical proclamations and its business decisions concerns the matter of religious liberty. The craft store chain is hailed by conservatives as standing up to Uncle Sam and fighting for religious freedom. Yet Hobby Lobby imports billions of dollars worth of bric-a-brac from a nation that denies 1.35 billion citizens freedom of worship.

If Hobby Lobby was concerned with religious freedoms — not just those of conservative American Christians — it would quit doing business in China.

“The Bible is replete with calls for economic justice. Can you call yourself a “Christian business” when you leverage your profits to support an economic system that blatantly perpetuates injustice?”

Happy Father’s Day!

“Mass media representations of poor folk in general convey to the public the notion that poor people are in dire straits because of the bad choices they have made. It pushes images that suggest that the poor suffer because of innate weaknesses of character. When mass media offers representations of poor mountain folk, all the negative assumptions are intensified and the projections exaggerated.”

—   bell hooks, Belonging (via jordantarwater)

“Urban industrial “development” has been purchased at the expense of rural communities.”

—   Daly & Cobb, *For the Common Good*

The New Deal of the New People of the New Covenant is this:

I will make you a blessing and in being a blessing you will be blessed.

The agenda of the Holy Spirit is not to “bless me” with hopes that I will pay it forward. The Holy Spirit fills us with the power of the love of God to bless all of Creation and in doing so we will experience blessing.

Think about it. Bless me and make me a blessing, or make me a blessing and that will be my blessing.

Restore the kingdom to us? OR Restore us to the kingdom?